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Constructing a website such as this is relatively easy, you make a template or theme and use it throughout the site. You then fill it with the content that prompted you to build the site in the first place. That is the bare bones of it.

However, to add depth, soul and sustenance to these bones and flesh it out into a living breathing entity requires the support and encouragement of others who have seen and are touched by what you have wrought, and are moved to share photos, stories and anecdotes.

Some have or have had strong connections to 439 as a member of the Squadron. Others  are close or extended family members who may have lost a a son, a brother, an uncle or a grandfather  in the service of Canada and didn't want this sacrifice to become relegated to the history books or yellowed newspaper articles and faded photographs in the attic.

Some others wanted to share their passion for military aircraft and photography, while others have a keen desire and talent to put brush to canvas capturing forever, the artist's vision of a pilots soul.

And then there those both here and overseas that are grateful  for Canada's contribution to both the Victory in Europe and her steadfastness in the Cold War, which in one way or another sustained the freedom that we enjoy today.

They have become my friends.

This page is my attempt to acknowledge your invaluably precious contributions and moral support. I could not have done it without you.

Alton Crowell       

Bob Durnan

Bob Hurst

Chris Harris

Cody Manson

Dave McCartney

Dan Aycock

Don Pinnell

Dru Johns

Ed Harris



Ed Holmes

Erin Hill

Frank Newberry

Richard Mandia

G W Hewson

Gert Wreckx

Gilbert Laberge

Greg Stott

Jan Harm ter Brugge

Jim O'Connor




Jim Bateman

Sylvie Bédard

Joe Schmidt

John Lambert

Michel Klaver

Michel Pilon

Neil Daniels

Pat Barrett

Peter Watson                         

Pierre Baar


Pierre Saucier

Réginald Bellemare

Réjeanne Chrétien

Richard Girouard

R N Pearson

Travis LeGear

Wilco Gorter

Duncan Curtis

Frank Halliwell

Wouter Warmoes

And of course, the men and women of 439 Tiger Squadron for  whom this site is dedicated


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