Book of Remembrance - Volume  I


Flying Officer Royce Allen Johns

Royal Canadian Air Force

Son of Charles and Lenora Johns of Loon Lake, Saskatchewan; husband of Bernice Johns, age 25, died on 05-Oct-1944 on a bombing mission while based at Melsbroek, Holland. At the time of his death F/O Johns was on his second operational tour with 77 missions to his credit.

The following entry is from 439's War Operations Record Book (Form 540): Three operations were carried out today during which we lost one of our strongest and most experienced pilots J.21959 F/O Johns of Loon Lake, Sask.

He was a brilliant individual who would probably have been our next Flight Commander and was very popular with both the pilots and airmen. To date he had completed 76 Operational Sorties totalling 70:40 hours excluding this last operation. 

The following entry is from 439's War Operations Book (Form 541): J/21959 F/O R.A. Johns was hit by flak while flying on a mission towards Speelberg, near Emmerlch. His aircraft was seen to explode when it crashed into a steeple in the town of Speelberg, Germany at map reference E.9864.


On the left, a younger officer cadet Royce Johns taking a break from his flying training. Photo Number 2 is Royce with brother Keith (right) and Wayne.

Following entry is from The Canadian Virtual War Memorial website  courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

J/21959 F/O R.A. Johns is buried at ZEVENAAR ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY, Netherlands

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