At the moment, I haven't gotten around to designing anything yet, except a little this and that for this site. Being stuck in the hospital all this time, I didn't get any time to work on anything, but I really look forward to having a chance to post my own graphics and music on here the minute that i can, once things all settle down. Check back every now and then, you just might find something you like.

Webmaster's Notes:

Richard left us a lot more that he would ever admit to. Follow the links below.

Rick left a gallery of 3 D art which is now on line.  Considering the limitations of  CPU speed in those days, (1997-98) his renditions must have taken an enormous amount of time and persistence to transfer artistic concept to digital screen display.

His built his own website to promote his music and of course his bands Contrast, Dark and finally Dark-X. Here you can find full length recordings of those bands, as well as his warm and sometimes subtle sense of humour.


His poetry reveals a questioning and sensitive soul that sought to understand the motif behind his journey on this plane.  And maybe a bit of clairvoyance as in his poem "Cutter" .


And he was creative until the end. He built his last website only a few short weeks before leaving us. A labour of love, it was his way of giving back, and help publicize a real beacon of hope for others.


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