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Richard P. Melnick became interested in computers and all things electronic at 7 years old. He was very focused and learned how to disassemble and modify commercial computer games so that they would operate in the manner that he wished. Much of his computer knowledge was self taught gleaned through many late nights and pure persistence.

Still in high school, Rick started to develop web-pages for his bands Contrast and Dark which became a very telling indication of his artistic abilities and visual imagination. Following high school he completed an intense computer programming course. This enabled him to develop visual basic programs both for personal and commercial uses. While working at a computer call centre in Kentville, NS, he developed a program that substantially reduced the on line time customers had to wait for support calls.

Later Richard became employed at a call centre in Cornwallis, NS, and had been working there for a few years before being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma,.

Prior to his illness, Richard showed promise as an avid musician. Besides being adept on lead, rhythm and bass guitars, he loved both the keyboard and drums. If that was not enough while still in high-school he wrote and co-wrote words and music to several songs performed by his bands Contrast, Dark and Dark-X ***. Recording the tracks himself, he would edit and  mix it all together in a virtual studio on his computer and then burn the results to CD complete with  cover artwork.

Richard met Murray Salsman through the auspices of the Cancer Patient Navigator in Kentville in 2005. Through Murray, Richard became a beneficiary of The Margaret Salsman Cancer Care Patient Navigator Memorial Fund.

In his own way Richard wanted to repay Murray's unfettered kindness and in February of 2006 suggested the idea of a website to publicize this worthwhile cause. With Murray's go-ahead and between the surgery and biopsies, chemo and the inevitable hospital stays, Richard's creative talents poured into the Glad-of-Hope Website. It more or less, became Richard's swan song for he died a short few months later. It was to be the last creative work of a warm and multi-talented soul.

More on Richard and his battle with cancer can be found on his "thisisme.ca" website.




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